What is Affiliate Marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

In this post, we’re going to discuss Affiliate Marketing and how to be successful in it to earn much more revenue.

The basic idea of Affiliate Marketing is to sell products for different brands and get some of it as commission for your selling and marketing efforts.

Imagine you’re chilling at your home and earn during that time too. Sounds amazing and so it is!!! It totally depends upon how much you influence others to adapt what you recommend to them.

This whole concept is mainly dependent on trust and recommendations. If people admire you or your image, you’re absolutely winning it.

How Affiliate Marketing Works?

To understand the working of Affiliate Marketing, let’s take an example. A shopkeeper hires different mediators to sell products in the market. With each purchase through the mediator, he gets a certain percentage of the amount spent by the customer.

So just like that, there are different sellers (Shopkeepers) and affiliate marketplaces in the online market who want customers for their offerings. You can be an affiliate partner (Mediator) for them to market and sell for them.

All you need to do is just join the affiliate program of any of the different organizations that are providing it.

Thereafter, you can get different products and their affiliate links according to the niche of your online presence.

Just share those links in any type of content you develop to your audience.

Now, wait for people to click on it and make purchases.

TaaDaa!! you’ll get a decent portion of the amount spent by the customers on that particular product.

How to start to become an Affiliate Marketing Expert?

There are numerous ways one can start their Affiliate Marketing journey. Following are some of them:

1. Blogging:

The most popular and effective method for Affiliate Marketing is Blogging. You can start your own blog as per your interest to spread your word or information across the internet.

Once a stable amount of audience is on your blog, you can start posting blogs about reviews and recommendations for products and put your affiliate links in it.

2. Youtube:

You can use Youtube to provide useful and informative content through videos and make an audience just like a blog.

An additional advantage on Youtube is that your audience is more familiar with you than on your blog. They’ll subscribe to your channel and are very likely to watch your content in the future. The Youtube audience is generally more convertible than other types of visitors.

Affiliate marketing link youtube description

You can also use other platforms like Vimeo or Tiktok for video content and spread your Affiliate marketing reach.

3. Facebook:

There are many ways to distribute links through Facebook. You can join various Facebook groups related to your affiliate product or service. Sharing your blog posts might also work.

Facebook is constantly upgrading its commerce features, so this implies more opportunities later.

You can also use different social media platforms for this.

Other strategies include Email marketing, Podcasting, etc.

Affiliate Marketing or Google Adsense?

Well, in my opinion, Affiliate Marketing works better than Adsense in terms of both money and influence. Bloggers are earning more money through Affiliate programs than any advertising.

Seeing many ads on a website might confuse visitors and risk the trust of the website.

Though you can actually use both of them to earn from all the ways. There is no rule that you can’t.

Final Words

Affiliate marketing is the new trend among influencers these days. Popular bloggers and marketers including Neil Patel, Harsh Agrawal, and Ankur Aggarwal give their credit for success to affiliate marketing.

So you can start it from now and be a good influencer among your people. Till then keep fighting…

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