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How To Select Your Company Name?

How To Select Your Company Name and Make Your Company Logo

Your company name means I believe you have to use two keywords.

First thing, by listening to your company name, the person in front should know what you do. Like let’s say digislurp digital marketing company, after hearing this name, you know what we do. So logically, this name became very big, I have inserted this thing from the point of view of seo. But digislurp is a word in itself and I started writing it in every article. And people are coming to my website in the name of this website, that means this name is getting inserted in their mind, digislurp. But I will never recommend this thing, keep such a name because I have confidence in myself that I will be able to stand up to DigiSlurp.

Whatever name you use, it should have some meaning like DigiSlurp means to suck everything about digital. If that word has some meaning then only I will work on it first thing, the second thing I believe that I will put my keyword in it too. And if you think of yourself as a good marketer or you can do good marketing or spend good money on marketing, then you can also remove the marketing word from behind, that is, you can only do it. I gave DigiSlurp marketing example, but you can also work only on DigiSlurp. For this, you have to do marketing. I create content for my marketing. So much quality content is going to come up on top of my website.

Now how to make your company logo. People have two types of logos; one is the name base; you have written DigiSlurp in the text format, that will also work. This is not wrong; it is also right.

The other way is to use an element of your own like Apple’s. Apple was Apple, they used Apple, and it did not look like Apple Cherry, so they showed it to be Apple. This was Apple’s strategy. You can make this icon. The third thing is a caricature, which is an icon or design of its own, in which representatives from their business are represented, by which it can be found that this company works. You can also make this. Which of these three you like best, you can follow to make your company logo.

Lastly, we will not go into more detail about how to take and what to take from the icon; otherwise, this article will become very big. So we finish this article with this and if you like this article of mine, then follow my website and subscribe by clicking on the button of notifications, and you will get information of our new articles.

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